Turkey latest news and headlines

When the Ottoman Empire Threatened Europe ? and the World

?God?s Shadow,? by Alan Mikhail, argues that world history was shaped by the West?s fears of Turkish domination.

Taking Hard Line, Greece Turns Back Migrants by Abandoning Them at Sea

Many Greeks have grown frustrated as tens of thousands of asylum seekers languished on Greek islands. Now, evidence shows, a new conservative government has a new method of keeping them out.

Turkish Aggression Is NATO?s ?Elephant in the Room?

Despite being a NATO member, Turkey has bought Russian air defense. And a recent push into Libya and its energy ambitions nearly led to armed conflicts with France and Greece.

Turkey Passes Law Extending Sweeping Powers Over Social Media

The legislation extends control over platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Critics worry it will be used to stifle dissent and criticism of the government.

Travel the World Through These Dance Tutorials

Here are eight cultural dances that you can learn at home through online tutorials or mobile dance apps.

Hagia Sophia Draws Huge Crowds for Friday Prayer

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey joined crowds of Muslim worshipers at the Hagia Sophia for its first Friday Prayer since being restored to a working mosque.

Erdogan Fulfills Cherished Goal, Opening Hagia Sophia to Prayers

The Muslim faithful celebrated the decision by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, even as it generated dismay among Christians and architectural conservators.

The Next Global Flash Point

In the Eastern Mediterranean, the West has retreated. That leaves Turkey and Russia to fill the vacuum.

At Least 60 Migrants Killed in Turkish Boat Disaster

Rescuers continue to pull the bodies of victims from Lake Van, in eastern Turkey, more than three weeks after the fishing boat carrying them sank.

Would the Prophet Muhammad Convert Hagia Sophia?

Turkey?s decision to change the former cathedral into a mosque flies against the pluralist instincts of Islam?s founders.