Turkey latest news and headlines

Associate of Michael Flynn Is Found Guilty of Secretly Lobbying for Turkey

The ruling could reverberate against Mr. Flynn, President Trump?s first national security adviser, who had agreed to testify in the case before backing out.

What?s the Future of Syrian Refugees in Turkey?

Turkish government and opposition parties need to work together to prevent the deepening of anti-immigrant talk and xenophobic Turkish nationalism.

U.S. Punishes Turkey by Canceling Sale of Jets

Turkey, whose purchase of a Russian missile system has created friction, called the Trump administration?s move a ?mistake that will cause irreparable wounds in our strategic relations.?

Erdogan Goes His Own Way as Turkish Distrust With U.S. Grows

Three years after a failed coup, the decision to buy the Russian S-400 missile system underscores the Turkish leader?s desire to hedge his alliances.

E.U. Punishes Turkey for Gas Drilling Off Cyprus Coast

The measures stopped short of all-out sanctions against Turkish companies, but they come as the country?s economy is struggling.

What Is the S-400? The Russian Missile System in Turkey That Irks the Pentagon

Turkey?s purchase of the S-400 missile defense system could give Russian technicians access to technology in U.S. warplanes that Turkey wants to buy.

Turkey Gets Shipment of Russian Missile System, Defying U.S.

The purchase of the sophisticated S-400 antiaircraft equipment was fiercely opposed by NATO and by Washington, which is expected to respond with sanctions.

Turkey?s Crackdown on Academics Represses History Once Again

A campaign of silencing and prosecution is creating a vacuum at a pivotal moment.

Turkey?s Long, Painful Economic Crisis Grinds On

Turkey remains stuck in perilous proximity to economic crisis, as households and businesses defer spending and investment in the face of weak growth.

In Firing Central Bank Chief, Turkey?s Leader Trades Credibility for Growth

The move by Recep Tayyip Erdogan dealt a new blow to the central bank?s credibility while threatening to intensify the nation?s wrenching economic crisis.