Turkey latest news and headlines

In the Kingdom of Men

Women in Turkey endure a culture of violence.

Turmoil for Turkey?s Trump

Incompetence at the top doesn?t really matter, until it does.

Emerging Markets Are Worrying Investors, Again

Argentina and now Turkey have been forced to raise interest rates to defend their currencies from growing pressure on emerging markets.

Turkey?s Currency Plunges, Potentially Threatening Erdogan?s Re-election Bid

The president called early elections hoping to get out ahead of economic troubles, but the lira?s dive caught up with him before the June vote.

Turkey Hands Life Sentences to 104 People Over Coup Attempt

Two crucial witnesses turned against fellow defendants and revealed details of the failed effort to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2016.

Ties With Israel Sour as Erdogan Seizes Gaza Issue Before Election

With a rally, harsh words and a recall of ambassadors, Turkey?s president hopes to position himself as a champion of the Palestinians and leader of the Muslim world.

Trump?s Iran Move May Swamp Greece

The danger illustrates the unforeseen consequences of impetuous American actions.

Turkish Banker in Iran Sanctions-Busting Case Sentenced to 32 Months

The trial of Mehmet Hakan Atilla depicted high-level corruption in Turkey, and strained that country?s relations with the United States.

Five Top ISIS Officials Captured in U.S.-Iraqi Sting

After an aide to the Islamic State?s leader was captured in Turkey, the C.I.A. and Iraqi intelligence used him to lure other operatives, Iraqi officials say.

Why Are So Many Democracies Breaking Down?

The roots of backslides to authoritarianism reside in democratic constitutions themselves.