Turkey latest news and headlines

A Cobra Strikes. A Magician Is Stricken. Middle Eastern Foes Unite.

After an Egyptian cobra bit a famous Turkish illusionist, officials scrambled to get him to Cairo for treatment. It was a rare instance of cooperation between the countries.

Erdogan, Flush With Victory, Seizes New Powers in Turkey

In a flurry of decrees since his inauguration last week, the Turkish president has made clear that he will wield unchecked authority in all walks of life.

Turkey Resists Pressure to Release American Pastor From Jail

Andrew Brunson, one of 20 Americans swept up by Turkey after a coup attempt two years ago, is accused of terrorism and espionage.

Neo-Nazi Terrorist Jailed for Life in Case That Shamed Germany?s Spies

As Beate Zschšpe?s group killed workers with immigrant backgrounds, investigators failed to realize that right-wing extremists were to blame.

Turkey?s Economy Is So Hot That It May Face a Meltdown

The country is sliding toward crisis as its currency plunges, corporate debts increase and an autocratic president undermines faith in institutions.

Erdogan Begins New Term and Names His Son-in-Law Finance Minister

Leaders of opposition parties, who accused Mr. Erdogan of taking an authoritarian turn, refused to stand as the president of Turkey took his oath before Parliament.

Turkish Train Crash Kills at Least 10

Dozens of other people were injured when the train derailed in northwest Turkey after heavy rains and a landslide.

Turkey?s Revolution Continues

Turkey is bigger than Erdogan, just as it was bigger than Ataturk. A better country is possible someday.

Hyperpresident Erdogan

Turkey?s leader gets comfortable after his latest election victory.

The Erdogan Supremacy

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey, faces no elections for five years, and few checks on his power.